We hope you enjoyed the Summer break.School reopens on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Dates For You Diary


08.01.18MondayALLComplete Kids extended care club starts3.30PM-6.00PM
15.01.18MondayYears REC-6After School Clubs start for 5 weeks3.30pm-4.30pm
23.01.18Tuesday2Warwick Castle9am-2pm
5TH-9TH FEBWEEKALLAttendance Week
16.02.18FridayALLLast day of Spring 1 Half Term
19.02.18MondayALLHalf Term Holiday Begins
23.02.18FridayALLHalf Term Holiday Ends
26.02.18MondayALLSpring 2 Half Term begins
27.02.18TuesdayEYDelivery of duck eggs
01.03.18ThursdayEYExpected hatch day for ducks
01.03.18ThursdayALLWorld Book Day
09.03.18FridayEYDucks leave
09.03.18FridayALLMother's Day Assembly by Year 19am
14.03.18WednesdayALLParent's Evening4.00pm-6.30pm
22.03.18ThursdayEYSpring 1 craft morning9am onwards
27.03.18TuesdayALLEaster Assembly by Year 32.45pm
29.03.18ThursdayEYEaster Bonnet Parade10.30am onwards
29.03.18ThursdayALLLast day of Spring 2 Half Term
02.04.18MondayALLEaster Break starts
13.04.18FridayALLEaster Break Ends
16.04.18MondayALLInset Day - School closed
17.04.18TuesdayALLSummer 1 Half Term begins
18.04.18Wednesday5Thinktank BirminghamTBA
24.04.18TuesdayVariousWoodgreen Academy1pm-4pm
07.05.18MondayALLMay Day Bank Holiday
25.05.18FridayALLLast day of Summer 1 Half Term
25.05.18FridayEYSummer Craft Morning10.00am-11.30am
28.05.18MondayALLHalf Term Holiday Begins
01.06.18FridayALLHalf Term Holiday Ends
04.06.18MondayALLInset Day - School closed
05.06.18TuesdayALLSummer 2 Half Term begins
12.06.18Tuesday6Lazer World10.30am-1.30am
13.06.18WednesdayALLClass Photos
15.06.18FridayALLFamily summer picnic2pm onwards
19.06.18Tuesday3Sealife Centre9.00am-3.30pm
19.06.18Tuesday4Think Tank9.00am-3.30pm
20.06.18Wednesday5Think Tank9.00am-3.30pm
25.06.18Monday1Botannical Gardens9.15am-2pm
26.06.18Tuesday6 (Booster)Drayton Manor8.30am-4.30pm
03.07.18TuesdayEYHatton Adventure World9.30am-4.30pm
09.07.18MondayEYSports Day2.00pm-3.00pm
10.07.18Tuesday100% AttendanceWest Midlands Safari Park9.30am-4.30pm
18.07.18Wednesday2Sandwell Flyers Gym Academy9.30am-2pm
20.07.18FridayALLSchool Finishes for Summer Holidays
22.07.18MondayALLInset Day - School closed
17.09.18 - 19.09.18Monday-WednesdayCurrent Years 3,4,5Edgemond Hall 3 day Residential