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Governing Body



The key purpose of the Governing Body is to help the school to provide the best possible education for its pupils.

Our governing body is made up of volunteers from the school community – parents and staff – and the wider community. We are responsible for ensuring that the school meets its statutory obligations; planning the future direction of the school; supporting and challenging the school leadership to improve outcomes for all pupils; monitoring the schools performance; driving improvements and managing the school’s budget. We are also responsible for the appointment and performance management of the Head teacher and for ensuring that the school is accountable to pupils, parents and carers, the local community, the school staff and the Local Authority.

Individual Governors are expected to:

Commit time to the duties and responsibilities of being a governor. Attend meetings regularly.

Work as a member of the governing body for the best interests of the school. Undertake training.

Support school activities

Communicate with parents and carers and the local community. Promote the school within the community.

At Burnt Tree the Governing Body meets once every half term. In order to work more effectively some aspects of our work are delegated to committees e.g. Finance and Staffing; Curriculum and Standards and Health and Safety.

As governors we also undertake focused visits to the school to assist us in understanding the work of the school more fully. e.g. Attending a phonics session in KS1 or a Big Write lesson in KS2. We also take part in Learning Walks and Pupil Conferencing and attend school fairs, concerts and other social occasions.

Members of the Governing Body at Burnt Tree include the Head teacher, members of the school staff, parents, community representatives and Local Authority representatives.

Below is a list of Governors and their responsibilities. If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors or any member of the Governing Body please do so through the school office. Any concerns related to the day to day management of the school including teaching and learning and pupil discipline must always be referred directly to the Head teacher.


Governor NameType of GovernorDate of AppointmentTerm of Office End DateReason for Stepping DownAppointing BodyChair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC)Committee ChairFinance & Personnel Committee MemberPupil Progress, Standards & Curriculum Committee MemberConnections to Staff (Yes or No) If Yes, who & howTerm of Office EndedOther School Governor Posts held. Name of School & type of GovernorBusiness Interests declared. (Yes / No) If yes please stateAttendance 2016/17
Mrs J BaylissCo-Opted28/03/201727/03/2021GBStaff Member100%
Mrs A BrahamParent23/09/201622/09/2020ElectedYNoNo 44%
Ms J BitchenorLA15/04/200410/04/2017Local Authority CHYYNoNo93%
Mrs C BrownStaff07/09/201606/09/2020ElectedYStaff MemberYes/J H Trimmings/ Brown Bros Roofing100%
Fr M EnnisCo-Opted28/09/201627/09/2020GBNoNo56%
Mrs J BaylissActing Head ~~Y/AdvisoryYNoSB Electrical100%
Mr L JasseyParent01/10/201230/09/2020ElectedYNoNo80%
Mr M LoanCo-Opted23/11/199523/06/2018GBYNoCOP/Rood End PrNo90%
Mrs S MannCo-Opted24/06/201423/06/2018GBYNoYes/Tipton Cluster Children's Centre64%
Mr A QayyumCo-Opted04/11/200423/06/2018GBYNoNo80%
Mrs S Reid-SimmsCo-Opted24/06/201423/06/2018GBNoNo67%
Mr H SoodCo-Opted29/09/201528/09/2019GBVCyNoNo90%

Brief description of the remit to support specific responsibilities:

Attendance & Community – engagement, communication, increased understanding.  Look at feedback from Parent Questionnaires and work with School to analyse.  Look at methods of communication with School, and the use/development of the website.  EEu is a growing population.  Examine After-School provision.  Work closely with Parent Support Adviser (PSA) on Attendance.

Promotion of British Values – knowledge that this is taking place eg assemblies, visits, School Council.

EAL – Progress for specific groups of children and look at interventions to support/how are these children accessing the curriculum.

Governor visits in some instances will need to – have a focus, report back on what was seen and what you would like to see next time.

Any discussion in School between a Governor/Member of Staff needs to be recorded – Governors Diary needs to be updated.