We hope you all enjoy the Summer break. School re-opens for children on Tuesday 3rd September.



Please click on the links below to take a look at our Performance Tables and DfE Reports. You can also compare the information to other schools.


Good Level of Development (End of Reception)

70% of pupils achieved a good level of development compared with 72% of all pupils nationally with 11% of children exceeding. In order to achieve a good level of development pupils must be working at the expected standard in the following areas of the EYFS curriculum : Physical; Personal; Social and Emotional; Communication and Language; English and Maths. This year 73% of disadvantaged pupils achieved the GLD in comparison to 58% in 2017. 7% of disadvantaged were exceeding.

Phonics Test Results 

KS1 Results – All Pupils (56)

KS1 Results – Disadvantaged Pupils (20)

 KS2 Results – All Pupils (28)

KS2 Results – Disadvantaged Pupils (10)

Key Stage 2 Achievement and progress

76% of all pupils and 70% of disadvantaged pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Nationally 64% reached the standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined in 2018. This is an 8% increase on our results in 2017. 14% of pupils achieved the higher standard in all subjects compared with 10% nationally.


Progress KS2

We are pleased to show much improved progress scores compared with last year.