School is now closed for Half Term break .We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 26th February at 8.50am. Enjoy your half term break.

Dates For You Diary


08.01.18 Monday ALL Complete Kids extended care club starts 3.30pm-6.00pm
15.01.18 Monday REC-6 After School Clubs start for 5 weeks 3.30pm-4.30pm
17.01.18 Wednesday 2 Cuckoos Inspire Session 9am-10am
23.01.18 Tuesday 2 Warwick Castle 9am-2pm
24.01.18 Wednesday 2 Flamingos Inspire Session 9am-10am
5TH-9TH FEB WEEK ALL Attendance Week  
16.02.18 Friday ALL Last day of Spring 1 Half Term  
19.02.18 Monday ALL Half Term Holiday Begins  
23.02.18 Friday ALL Half Term Holiday Ends  
26.02.18 Monday ALL Spring 2 Half Term begins
27.02.18 Tuesday EY Delivery of duck eggs  
01.03.18 Thursday EY Expected hatch day for ducks  
01.03.18 Thursday ALL World Book Day
07.03.18 Wednesday 5 Inspire Session 9am-10am
09.03.18 Friday EY Ducks leave  
09.03.18 Friday ALL Mother’s Day Assembly by Year 1 9am
14.03.18 Wednesday ALL Parent’s Evening 4.00pm-6.30pm
22.03.18 Thursday EY Spring 1 craft morning 9am onwards
27.03.18 Tuesday ALL Easter Assembly by Year 3 2.45pm
28.03.18 Wednesday 6 Inspire Session 9am-10am
29.03.18 Thursday EY Easter Bonnet Parade 10.30am onwards
29.03.18 Thursday ALL Last day of Spring 2 Half Term  
02.04.18 Monday ALL Easter Break starts  
13.04.18 Friday ALL Easter Break Ends  
16.04.18 Monday ALL Inset Day – School closed  
17.04.18 Tuesday ALL Summer 1 Half Term begins  
07.05.18 Monday ALL May Day Bank Holiday  
25.05.18 Friday ALL Last day of Summer 1 Half Term  
28.05.18 Monday ALL Half Term Holiday Begins  
01.06.18 Friday ALL Half Term Holiday Ends
04.06.18 Monday ALL Inset Day – School closed  
05.06.18 Tuesday ALL Summer 2 Half Term begins
06.06.18 Wednesday 3 Wrens Inspire Session 9am-10am
13.06.18 Wednesday 3 Eagles Inspire Session 9am-10am
15.06.18 Friday ALL Family summer picnic 2pm onwards
27.06.18 Wednesday 1 Penguins Inspire Session 9am-10am
04.07.18 Wednesday 1 Sparrows Inspire Session 9am-10am
20.07.18 Friday ALL School Finishes for Summer Holidays